Press Release: “NEXA Advisors Landmark UAM Study”

I’m a big fan of where the energy and policy innovation is going here, BUT I’ve also observed for over 5 years that there are basic limits to how any mobility system can grow.

The axiom is basically this:

Trees do not grow from their leaves backwards.

Specifically, the kinds of new mobility connectors being toyed with (pun intended) will not achieve operational prominence or acceptance until they extend value from the current mobility networks.

This frustrates many to hear, I know, but history is filled with false starts for the reasons I suggest. We must bridge our technology solutions from what works today.

If rotorcraft is to become the 5th R (the first four being roads, rivers, railways, and runways), it will do so building from what exists and is productive.

Without question, we need to support the underlying technology development, but we must also support the underlying logistics, safety, and other infrastructure as this important technology matures.

It is not mature yet.

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