Tracking developments related to V/STOL options for John Kasarda’s Aerotropolis (www.aerotropolis.com) and Joel Garreau’s Edge City concepts.

The Vertropolis incorporates the following ideas:

  • Increasing the timely catchment area and the economic volume of the Aerotropolis
  • Augmenting existing transportation networks, whether by road, rail, river, or even runway
  • Connecting edge cities and regional economic centers to each other or to the regional airport for global access 
  • The growing value of time and land in urbanizing megacity regions
  • Regional economic development across multiple stakeholders, including linking a wide range of business, adventure, and tourist destinations without the need for runways
  • Democratized transportation and mobility
  • Technology progress and economic viability in vertical or short take-off and landing (V/STOL) aircraft
  • Progress toward instant gratification or fulfillment
  • Increasing time-sensitive shipments and the speed of transactions
  • The value of flexibility in establishing transportation networks and the cost of extending or increasing capacity of existing surface networks
  • Land-locked airports, challenges with expanding airports, or increasing airport capacity
  • Limited airport connection to other regional transportation modes
  • Edge ecosystems and symbiotic economic systems
  • Increasing transportation-related jobs and opportunities for careful urban and real estate planning 
  • Reducing the risk of a single regional transportation planning process on local growth strategies
  • Responding to aging demographics and related housing and travel preferences
  • Avoiding the cost/risk of major infrastructure investment

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Tracking Thoughts and Comments on the Vertically-Enabled Aerotropolis and Edge City

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