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Will the 3PLs and TMSs lead us to innovative freight solutions because they are agnostic to channel? @GrandViewInc #GoVertical

“Using their expertise, 3PL providers assist their retail partners to promptly locate and deliver products to the consumer, irrespective of the channel. 3PL vendors strive to minimize their lead times to achieve customer satisfaction.”  [Emphasis added.]

Las Vegas Global Business District Takes Major Step Forward…Will They #GoVertical? @LVGBD

Let’s hope the the LV GBD is looking for innovative ways to bring time-sensitive freight into the city.  The possibilities are open if they #GoVertical.

“The Global Business District also includes plans for a centralized transportation hub that would be the centerpiece to a new transportation plan for the entire city. The LVCVA is working closely with the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada and transportation authorities and companies to develop a more efficient and expanded transportation system in the valley.”

Prof. Edgar Blanco used his MISTI faculty funds to explore megacities in Central and South America | MISTI

“My objective is modest, in a way,” Blanco says. “I want cities all over the world to make urban freight logistics a standard element of their long-term planning process. It’s not what most city planners think of first, but the megacities research we are doing has shown that we need to make supply chain logistics a priority.”